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Portuguese Water Dog

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Lion Infante De Gifford
Sire :- Grande Tempest Rex De Gifford     Dam :- Flausina De Gifford
BREEDER :- Augusto Guimaraes. OWNER :- Augusto Guimaraes

The Portuguese Water Dog or Cao de Aqua Portugues is a robust well muscled medium-sized dog, squarely built. They are great water-dogs with webbed feet and lots of energy. The coat has two types one being long, loosely waved with a slight sheen, the other short, fairly hard with dense compact lustre-less curls. Both without undercoat. Requires specialist grooming for the show ground - the entire hind quarters being clipped and tail clipped to a plume on the end.
Colours are black, white, brown, black and white, or brown and white.

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Miss Bella Infanta De Gifford
Sire - Eurico De Gifford
Dam - Gertrudes Regina De Gifford
Breeder - Augusto Guimaraes
Owner - Hannele Virtanen
This is 'Missy' at six months
See her homepage under MOUNTAINHEADS Popparin Pouco Frito
Sire - Ourique do Vale Negro
Dam - Parisade Janela
Breeder - ?
Owner - Hannele Virtanen
Won CAC's in Italy and Portugal
See MOUNTAINHEADS in links area Eurico De Gifford
Sire - Artur do Carraro do Rio
Dam - Data de Gifford
Breeder - Augusto Guimaraes
Owner - Augusto Guimaraes
See in Links area - PWD forever

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Show Information

This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates any Championship Shows.

In the UK the PWD is shown under breed classes at a few shows, or Any Variety Not Seperately Classified - A.V.N.S.C. This can be AVNSC Working, or AVNSC Working/Utility/Toy or any other combination of other groups!
They do NOT have Championship Status under KC Rules.

In Ireland, they have their own rules and these are the same as the F.C.I. - CAC and CACIB can be won here. At the moment GB residents, must register with the Irish Kennel Club to compete.
F.C.I. registered breeds should be able to show there, when quarantine is lifted in 2000.

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Portuguese Water Dog Club
of Great Britain
Mrs H Irving +44 (0) 1362 820425 yes yes


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show work

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GEMSON Jayne Johns n/a Wisbech yes yes
RYSALKA Sue Tweedie 0044(0)1952 612013 Telford yes yes
BENTARSNA Florence Fahey n/a Ireland yes yes

Stud dogs

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Pedro de Anixa n/a n/a Potrugal yes yes
AQUATASS Charlotte Björklund +46 8 531 877 07 Norsborg, Sweden yes yes


No problems known to breeders

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