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Central Asian Shepherd

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An ancient breed that comes from the Asian Mountains and plains but is classified as coming from Russian. This is a strong independent breed that can think for himself. He must be well socialised as a young dog to live in more confined Countries. The Ovtcharka is a powerful and athletic breed with enourmous courage. Ears and tail are cropped in their homeland because if their fights with large predators. In Britain this will not be permitted!
The coat is straight, course and can be short or medium lenght with a dense undercoat, the skin is loose especially around the neck and a masive dewlap is typical
Colours are White, black, grey, straw coloured, russet (reddish brown), grey/brown, brindle, parti-coloured and flecked. .

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Owner Goncharuk Malaydah
Byline: Copyrights Karl DONVIL Photo Team
Credit: Ukraine
Odessa, 8 weeks
Owner :- Jason Currie Odessa
Owner :- Jason Currie

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Show Information

This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at ANY Championship Shows.

He is not recognised in the UK as a seperate breed. Therefore he may only be shown in Import Register AV classes, or at exemption shows in the non-pedigree classes.

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no clubs at this time 2004


D. over 65cm B. over 60 cm quite Strong yesDifficultFairly easy?

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Jason Currie 0044(0)1923 246 268 Hertfordshire yes yes

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Other types of Ovtcharka

South Russian Ovcharka
Ch. Sarisin's Demon Bikrey
Sire:-Ch. Knyaz Igor Albin
Dam:-Ch. Oona Nortonia
Breeder:-Diane Sari
Owner:-Diane Sari

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FoxFireFarms Mr & Mrs Vincenzo De Palma 716 751 6927 New York, USA yes yes
The South Russian Ovcharka
(not in Britain yet but interesting)
Diane Sari 0031-528-352514 Netherlands yes yes


No know problems at this time (1999)

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