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Berwynfa Bobby Dazzler at Daiszana
Sire :- Ch Bucksteps Charlie Brown    Dam :- Walkon Fair Dinkum at Berwynfa
BREEDER :- . OWNER :- Debbie and Tony Strouther

A medium sized, strongly built muscular working dog. full of fun he needs firm handling to contain his energy. Needs lots of exercise. His coat is thin short and smooth.
Colours are fawn or brindle, any white markings not to exceed one third of the ground colour. White is not accepted in the show ring.

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Pervaneh All Or Nothing 'Lazer '
-multiple show winner-
Sire :- Jon-ross
Dam :- Hot Pepper
Owner :- Bob Turner
Ch.Bucksteps Chariots of Fire at Dallgerry
Sire:- Ch. Glenfall The Gladiator
Dam:- Bucksteps Hot Gossip
Breeder:- Mrs. J M Whittaker
Owner:- Miss Ann M Podmore
See Breeders list DALLGERRY
Ch Vivyd Stars n Stripes
Sire :- Ch Bucksteps Charlie Brown
Dam :- Vivyd Hellucination
BREEDER :- Dr L Kincla. 
OWNER :- Dr L Kincla 
Davnette Advent Tageous
Sire:=Ch Roamaro Fun in The Sun With Walkon
Dam:=Walkon Frangipani to Davnette
Breeder:=David & Annette Rushton
Owner:=David & Annette Rushton
All broken pictures need entries.

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford

UK & Irish Clubs

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Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
British Boxer Club
update 2001
Mrs M Seeney 01235 835207 ? yes
Irish Boxer Club
update 2002
Mrs C Boyd 028 9082 5646 n/a yes
Scottish Boxer Club
update 2002
W G Miller 01776 870211 ? yes
Anglian Boxer Club
update 2001
Mrs E Costello 01400 282525 ? ?
South Wales Boxer Club
update 2001
Mr M James 01443 485155 ? ?
Tyne, Wear & Tees Boxer Rescue Clive Oddy 01830 540270 yes yes
Home Counties Boxer Welfare Ann Podmore 01525 240288 yes yes


D. 57-63cms = 22½-25"
B. 53-59cms = 21-23"

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
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Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
FAERDORN S Harvey & RP Hughes 0044(0)1509 881601 Leicester ? ?
SHAKATAN Jan & Shane Buckley 0044(0)1482 888834 East Yorkshire yes n/a
MARBELTON Mrs M. A. Hambleton 0044(0)1695 422261 Ormskirk ? ?
ADIVIDICAR Mr & Mrs Williams 0044(0)1633 869256 Cwmbran ? ?
ROJASTLE Roy & Jackie Davis 0044(0)1443 493477
fax 01443 405411
South East Wales yes no
GLENAULD DJL & S Mair 0044(0)1357 520376 Strathaven yes ?
DELAWS Dawn Law 0044(0)1909 540790 Nottinghamshire yes yes
DUNBRIDGE John Farrel 0044(0)1484 866990 North England yes yes
STARWELL T & A Fieldsend 0044(0)1673 818624 Lincolnshire yes yes
SARABELLOW Belinda Rothery 0044(0)1707 882032 Hertfordshire yes no
DALLGERRY Miss Ann M Podmore 0044(0)1525 240288 Buckinhamshire/Bedfordshire yes no
RICCIBET Richard Richardson 0044(0)01727 867695 Herts yes no
DIBRID Miss Diane Bridgeman 0044(0)01482 850731 East Yorkshire yes yes
TONAG Tony & Nancy Hooman 0044(0)1506 438151 Livingston,Scotland yes no
? Alison &Bob Turner 0044(0)1217737165 Birmingham (UK) yes yes
ALLSTURNS Shelly Turner 0044 (0) 1495 230091 South Wales yes yes
KIRANY Jane Collins 0044(0)1279 429237 Essex yes no
DDERWEN Joy Richards 0044(0)7989563729 Ammanford, South Wales yes yes
YELESOM Barbara Wilkinson 0044(0)1303 278183 Kent yes yes
none Louise Brown 0044(0)1592 745429 Glenrothes, Scotland yes none
BOXKEN Linda Box 0044(0)1495220663 BLACKWOOD, GWENT yes yes
ALCOMAR Alistair & Marion Cowan 0044(0)1592 773706 Fife, Scotland yes none
STRUTLIX Debbie and Tony Strouther 0044(0)1623 474353
mob. 07788164037
Nottinghamshire yes yes
CAREARAS Richard & Jacqui Tanner 0044(0)28 92693946 Northern Ireland yes yes
DAVNETTE David & Annette Rushton 0044(0)114 2464710 Sheffield, S. Yorks yes yes
MOSSPORT David & Lorna Tilley 0044(0)19755 81257 Aberdeenshire, Scotland yes yes
EMAND Emyr Rees &
Andrew Jenkins
0044(0)7880693564 Llanelli, Carmarthenshire ,
South Wales
yes no
MULBRAE Janice & Stuart N/A Durham yes yes
NATEEZ Dawn Pilling 0044(0) 1942 254841 Wigan, Lancs yes none
DYSART Carol and Jim Boyd 0044(0)28 90825646 Northern Ireland yes yes
SANDCLIFFE Mrs Sian Bredif 0044(0)1380 720923 Devizes,Wiltshire yes yes
N/a Jean Sorrell 0044(0)1623 845357 East Midlands yes yes
ACREOAKS Barry Brandon 0044(0)1522 687220 Lincoln yes yes

Stud dogs

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Name Picture Owner Telephone Area Email Homepage
Di La casa
Comanche de los Morritos
Sire:- CH. Koeman de Benibox
Dam:- Ch. Kimberly
Breeder:- Carolina Nadal
Owner:- Antonio Mangia Leon Antonio Mangia Leon 00593 9815071 Ecuador yes no
Berwynfa Bobby
Dazzler at Daiszana
Debbie and Tony Strouther 0044(0)1623 474535
mob. 07788164037
Nottinghamshire yes yes

Interesting Sites

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Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
ukboxerdogs David Baggley fax 01666 - 837798
mark fax ukboxerdogs
UK yes yes
Boxer Babes David Baggley 01666 - 837798 UK yes yes
De Los Morritos Carolina Nadal 616142044 Valencia, Spain yes yes


Serious heart problems only buy from tested parents
HD is average at 16 total
Some deafness in pure whites

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Pastoral   Working   Terrier
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For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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