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Greenland Dog

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NUCH Tinka's Nikkel
Sire :- Tinka's Jerv   Dam :- Tinka's Knæsj
BREEDER :- Katinka Mossin    OWNER :- Katinka Mossin

The Greenland dog, was called variously as the Eskimo dog when first registered in Britain. Also known as the Canadian Eskimo, the Inuit, Groenlandhund, Qimmiq by the Inuit indians. A strong, good-natured freight carrier from the Arctic. Slightly longer than tall this Spitz type has the erect ears, thick double coat and curled tail one would expect to find. requires plenty of exercise, has strong hunting instinct and is not to be trusted with livestock. Tends to be aggressive with other dogs. The dense coat requires constant grooming because of the thick coat.
Colour is any.

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Tinka's Dusjka
Sire:- NUCH Zatoq  
Dam:- NUCH Qorfiq
Owner:- Katinka Mossin
Breeder:- Katinka Mossin Great example of the breed
photo taken in Svalbard
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Eskimo Dog of
Great Britain
Mrs R Phillips 01782 550451 n/a n/a


D. 58-68cms = 23-27"
B. 51-61cms = 20-24"
Wt 34-47.5 kgs (75-105 lbs)

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SEACOURT Mrs J. Parkyns &
Mr S. Phillips
01296 730404
01782 550451
Stoke on Trent n/a n/a

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