Chinese Crested


Moonswift Captain Morgan
Sire :- Ch Moonswift Captain Christy Moonswift Mosaic     Dam :- Moonswift Mosaic
BREEDER :- Diana Bowdler-Townsend . OWNER :- Sue Dykes

This is a naturally hairless breed, the body being hairless and the head with a crest of hair from the stop running down the neck, the feet and tail are also usually plumed. The skin should be fine grained and warm to the touch. There are two varieties one racy and fine boned the other heavier and cobby. Both varieties have a 'haired' version called Powder Puff which have an undercoat all over the body with a soft topcoat veil over it.
Colours are any colour with or without markings or spotted.

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Mistyayre Pica Pica
F. Moonswift Captain Morgan
M. Kashi Marushka at Mistyayre
Powder Puffs
Rodina Blueberry
Sire :- Sheepham Top Brass     
Dam :- Oceanview Alison
BREEDER :- C & T Drake. 
OWNER :- C & T Drake Ch Churrasco Cream Dream at Oolagha
Sable Powderpuff
Kashi Marushka at Mistyayre
F. Moonswift back to Basics
M. Moonswift Frilly Lilley

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Hairless Dog Is Zucci His Highness - 
Blue Hairless 
Sire:-  Zucci Definatly Desirable 
Dam :- Zucci High Sensation 
PP Bitch is 
Zucci Highly Exotic At Oolagha 
- Cream Powderpuff - 
Sire:-  Zucci Definatly Desirable 
Dam:-  Zucci Miss Sophistication 
See breeders list OOLAGHA

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 Chinese Crested Club
of Great Britain
Ms Val Jennings 01924 258326 yes yes


D. 28-33cm = 11-13"
B. 23-30cm=9-12"
Wt not over 5.4 kg=12 lbs
quitegoodyeseasy if patientSkin care needed
P.P - Fairly easy

UK & Irish Breeders

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KASHI Sue Dykes +44(0)1355-303448 West Scotland yes yes
MISTYAYRE Mr & Mrs Hardie 0044(0)1292 283738 Ayr yes yes
ANNAMAC Mrs A McGuigan 0044(0)1432 379310 n/a yes yes
MOONSWIFT Diana Bowdler Townsend 0044(0)1767-650350 Cambridge yes yes
HABIBA Stuart Payne & Robert Dunlop 0044(0)1560-322119 West of Scotland yes yes

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Quist Farm Pat Quist 760-377-4723 USA yes yes
WINDSPIEL ? n/a USA yes yes
Chinese Crested Database n/a n/a n/a yes yes


No problems known at this time (2001)

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