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Pyrenean Sheepdog

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Can. PSCA, SKC Ch Urrugne de l'Estaube
Winner of the National 3 times. Top winner Canada.
Sire :- Sarrat de l'Estaube     Dam :- Railhere de l'Estaube
BREEDER :- Guy Mansencal. OWNER :- Patricia Princehouse

Known also as the Berger des Pyrenees this is the smallest of the French sheepdogs. It is a hardy working dog with tremendous energy and stamina, they are also fairly long lived, early teens is not unusual. It has an athletic build, well developed muscles, powerful shoulders and hindquarters - essential for its work in the mountains. Eyes are dark and almond shaped ears semi-erect. The coat is water resistant, dense and harsh, with a unique windswept look off the face. There is also a Smooth faced variety.
Colours are various shades of brindle, fawn and grey. brindle, black and blue merle ( eyes can be blue)

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My thanks to Patricia Princehouse of La Brise Kennel and others who have kindly given their pictures

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Can Ch Chaparral Gascon de La Brise
F. Ch La Brise Cotton-Tail Rabbit
M. Ch Lutece de La Brise
Top winner in Canada
Breeder - Princehouse
Owner Susan Buttivant ( Chaparral Kennels in Dundas Ontario 
Can, PSCA.  ARBA ch La Brise Cotton-tail Rabbit

won National Speciality 6 times
F. Aneou
M. Ch Amaya La Brune
Owner/breeder - Patricia Princehouse
see Links at
 Can, PSCA Ch Lutece de La Brise
F. Ch Mistry's Willy de La Brise
M. Ch Amaya La Brune
Breeder Patricia Princehouse
Owner Fran Princehouse
Blue Merle Rough-Faced
Aneres du Val Soannan
F. Sarrat de L'Estaube
M. Tolosane Bleue du Pic de Marbore
Bred & Owned by Chantal Reilhac
See links for
born in Ruoms,France
Owner:- David Ram, Israel

The Above are the Rough-Faced variety. The Smooth-Faced type are below
Florac du Val Soannan
Won the french National 1991
Bred & Owned by Chantal Reilhac - Val Soannan Kennel
can be found at
Ch Amaya La Brune
F. Muscadin
M. Tremiere
Breeder - Gilbert Clermont
Owner - Patrica Princehouse
Find them at
A blue merle Smooth face bitch
O Estaube

bred & owner by Guy Mansencal - Estaube Kennel
President of the French Club
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For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford

Show Information

This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates any Championship Shows.

In the UK the Pyreanean Sheepdog is shown under Import Register
They do NOT have Championship Status under KC Rules.

In Ireland, they have their own rules and these are the same as the F.C.I. - CAC and CACIB can be won here. At the moment GB residents, must register with the Irish Kennel Club to compete.
F.C.I. registered breeds should be able to show there, when quarantine is lifted in 2000.

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Pyrenean Sheepdog Club
of Great Britain
Mr P Butcher 01636 821341 Sutton on Trent ?


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38-48.5cms= 15-19"Very VeryGood?Easy?yes

UK & Irish Breeders

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LUKEANNA Mrs Ann & Paul Butcher 01636 821341 ? ? ?
CARABRAE Mrs Brenda Judson 0044(0)1435 862703 Heathfield ? ?

Stud dogs

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Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
LA BRISE Patricia Princehouse 001 440 286 7431 Ohio USA yes yes
Pyrenean Shepherd
Club of America
? ? ? ? yes
VAL SOANNAN Chantal Reilhac 0033 474 051225 France ? yes
L'ESTAUBE Guy Mansencal. 0033 562 936605
Fax 562 933337
Tarbes, France ? ?
CHAPARRAL Susan Buttivant ? Ontario Canada ? yes
des Gambis Kees Hoogervorst n/a Netherlands yes


Breeders say there are a FEW cases or the following
Hip Dysplasia (perhaps 10%),
epilepsy (also around 10%).
There are also rare cases of PDA (patent ductus arteriosus)
PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), cherry eye, juvenile ataxia, and sub-luxated patellae.

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Pastoral   Working   Terrier
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