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Hungarian Komondor

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Searwell Csoda
Sire :- Roswitha Kiraz     Dam :- Searwell Kisci
BREEDER :- Messrs K I & A T Sear. OWNER :- Messrs K I & A T Sear.

A rare breed even in it's native Hungary. This is a strong willed animal with a big guarding instinct, not for the faint hearted. They have an unusual coat which is shown corded. Once the cord has formed it is permanent, only needing a little attention to keep them separated. Washing is a must, drying a nightmare.
Colour is always white. Ideally the skin is grey but pink is acceptable.

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Zobraki Scotch Mist
Sire:- Roswitha Ziguenor Baron
Dam:- White Orchid of Zobraki
Breeder:-  Mrs J Ferrigan
Owner:- Mous Van Gelder
Herston, Orkney 
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Show Information

This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

In the UK the Hungarian Komondor is shown under breed classes at a few shows, or Any Variety Not Seperately Classified - A.V.N.S.C. This can be AVNSC Pastoral, or AVNSC Working/Pastoral/Toy or any other combination of other groups!
They do NOT have Championship Status under KC Rules.

In Ireland, they have their own rules and these are the same as the F.C.I. - CAC and CACIB can be won here. At the moment GB residents, must register with the Irish Kennel Club to compete.
F.C.I. registered breeds should be able to show there, when quarantine is lifted in 2000.

UK & Irish Clubs

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2004 Komondor Club of Great Britain Mr K Sear +44 (0)1664 562307 yes yes


D. 80cms=31½"
B. 70cms=27½"
Very Very StrongYesDifficultDifficultYes

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SEARWELL Messers K I & A T Sear +44 (0) 1664 562307 Melton Mowbray yes yes
ZOBRAKI Mrs Jackie Ferrigan 0044(0)1383 831584 Kelty No No
ARTICSTORM Mr & Mrs Mitchell 0044(0)1903 850938 Sussex yes yes

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The Komondor ? ? Netherlands ? yes


Breeders recommend hip testing

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