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Rough Collie

Telforth Blue Azure
Sire :- Amalie Envoy on Black     Dam :- Telforth Blue Fantasia
BREEDER :- Mrs & Miss Sibbald. OWNER :- Mr & Mrs L Brown

A friendly dog that needs human companionship and family life. The coat mane and tail hair is abundant but does not hold dirt. Ears are semi erect forward facing and 'tipped over'.
Colours are sable and white, tricolour or blue merle and white all with typical collie markings. Blue merles may have one or both eyes blue or flecked blue all others should be brown.

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Show Information

This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
British Collie Club Mrs C Hughes 0151 355 5892 yes no
Collie Association Mrs C Smedley 01425 672424 yes
Collie Club of Wales Mrs C Collins 01792 865169 no no
Irish Collie Club Mr R Gow 01232 719629 ? ?
Scottish Collie Club Ms P Mcgowanl 01325 254184 no no
Ayrshire Collie Club Mrs J McIntyre 01555 840922 yes yes


D 56-61cms = 22-24"
B 51-56cms = 20-22"
ModeratelySensitiveNoFairly easyDailyyes

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
PELIDO P. & L. Burtenshaw 004(0)1252 702182 Godalming ? ?
? Mrs& Mr Wheldale 0044(0)1890 771246 Eyemouth no no
CARRISTINA Barry & C Evans 0044(0)116 2792684 Leicestershire NO NO
TELFORTH Mrs & Miss Sibbald 0044(0)191 253 4084 Tyne & Wear ? ?
COWNBRED Pat Howarth 0044(0)1282 868046 Colne yes ?
TAGANLEA Mr & Mrs Tipper 0044(0)1775 640437 Lincolnshire no no
RIFFLESEA Mrs Hunt 0044(0)1275 847514 Portishead no no
GERIAN Mrs G McEntee 0044(0)1734 884232 Reading No No
JASAND J.B.Round 0044(0)1948 780372 Whitchurch No No
GLENBOWDENE Mr & Mrs R & Miss S. M. Telford 0044(0)1766 830742 Ffestiniog, Gwynedd yes no
ANTOC Mrs A Speding &
Mrs C Smedley
0044(0)1425-672424 Dorset yes none
HANVALE Val Setchell 0044(0)1635 861258 Berkshire yes none
BHYLLSACRE Mrs. Irene Cozens 0044(0)1902 762634 Wolverhampton yes yes
STRIVEN Margaret Johnston 0044(0)1475 521841 Scotland yes none

Stud dogs

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage

Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
Rough & Smooth Collies TA ? ? ? ? yes ? n/a UK yes yes


Hips are good ar average 13 total (1999)
All parents and pups should be eye tested.

Utility   Toy   Gundog
Pastoral   Working   Terrier
Hound   Home   Non-Reg

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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