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Finnish Lapphund

photo Toni Jackson

Fin Champ Lecibsin Hissukka
Sire :- Fin Ch Lurmiturpa Morokolli     Dam :- Fin Ch Lecibsin Hhissi
BREEDER :- Jukka Kuusisto    . OWNER :- Jukka Kuusisto

Discription taken from The Finnish Lapphund Club Page
"- - - The breed is a medium sized heavy coated spitz breed it is a herding breed, being used to herd reindeer by the Lap farmers in the cold northern part of Finland ----The Finnish Lapphund is a happy and lively breed and certainly requires at least an average amount of exercise as one would expect for a medium breed, it is too intelligent and keen to be busy to lead a totally sedentary life - - - The outer coat is very coarse and because of this does not tend to matt or knot like some of the softer coated breeds. The thick weatherproof undercoat helps keep out the rain and dirt.
Colour All shades and colours are allowed. The most common colours are different shades of black and brown, light and grey shades. In addition to one main colour, several dogs have light and/or brown colour marks. "
My thanks to the Finnish Lapphund Club of GB for this information

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This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates any Championship Shows.

They are shown in under the Import Register.

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2004 Finnish Lapphund Club of GB Mrs Heather Head 01639 871497 yes yes


D. 46-52cms=
B. 41-47cms=
VeryGood?Moderately EasyDailyNo

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ELBERETH Mrs Toni Jackson 0044(0)20 8224 1125 Surrey yes yes
CURDELEON Jack & Pearl Chetwynd 0044(0)1497 820567 Herefordshire yes yes
THISTLEGLEN ? n/a Scotland yes yes
GLENCHESS Elaine & Steve Short 44(0)1497 831772 Hereford yes yes

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Finnish Lapphund (Lapinkoira) ? ? ? ? yes


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