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Australian Kelpie

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Aust Ch Kagaru Rose
Copyright Chris Morecroft
Sire :- Aust Ch Oatland Jackaroo     Dam :- Oatland Annie
BREEDER :- Chris Morecroft. OWNER :- Chris Morecroft

All this information is taken from The Australian Kelpie page. Why not go to their site and have a look?

"This wonderful breed came from two black and tan short coated prick eared Collies imported by a Mr. Elliott and a Mr. Allen in the 1860s." .."extremely alert, eager and highly intelligent with a mild, tractable disposition, a marked loyalty and devotion to duty." .."The general appearance of the Kelpie shall be that of a lithe, active dog of great quality, showing hard muscular condition combined with great suppleness of limb and conveying the capability of untiring work." .."The Kelpie has a moderately short coat - shorter than a German Shepherd but longer than a Doberman. "
Colour - there are "seven colours; red, chocolate, black, red and tan, black and tan. smoke blue and fawn."

My thanks for their help and letting me use this information,

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This picture could be yours Australian Champion Eurowenban Full On Aces
Sire:- Aust. Ch Tollbar Top Gun
Dam:- Eurowenban Minuet
Breeder:- Fiona McGregor
Owner:- Fiona McGregor
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Show Information

This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at any Championship Shows.

They are shown in under the Import Register and as such may not compete for best in show.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 Australian Working
Kelpies (UK) Reg.
(+44) 1455 848282 Leicestershire yes yes


46 - 51cm (18-20")
43 - 48 cm (17-19")

UK & Irish Breeders

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DRAGONHEART N/A +44 1974 821450 Wales no no
none Mr. and Mrs.Guy Mitchell +44 363 866606 Devon no no

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Aust Ch Kagaru Kaos
Kagaru Kennels breed only
Aust Champion Bloodlines
to produce quality well
adjusted pups with the
correct type and
Sire:- Aust Ch Oatland Warrior
Dam:- Aust Ch Kagaru Rose
Breeder:- Chris Morecroft  Kagaru Kennels
Owner:- Chris Morecroft Chris Morecroft 0412723459 Australia yes yes

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Affix Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
Australian Kelpie
Information Page
Chris Fisher 0412723459 Florida, USA yes yes
Eurowenban Fiona McGregor 61 (0) 2 68866134 NSW Australia yes no
KAGARU Chris Morecroft 0061(07)55477186
Queensland, Australia yes yes
Bestseller Tuula Nampajärvi Fin. (05) 4366 179 Finland yes yes



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