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Afghan Hound

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Chinzae`s Sheer Elegance at Joneca
Sire :- Khamis The Dark Side of Jazar    Dam :- Khamis Satyn`n Lace
BREEDER :- Mrs Howie    OWNER :- Mr B and Mrs A Leiper

Photo Michael Trafford

One of the most glamorous of dog breeds the Afghan has strength, dignity and a most aloof expression. A natural chaser as he is a hunter, training for recall is not easy, but he is loving and faithful towards his owner.
The silky coat is long, fine over the ribs, fore and hind quarters, legs and flanks. In mature dogs the hair is short and close from the shoulder along the black to the base of the tail. The face hair is short.
All colours are acceptable

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Zanavars Firebird
Sire:- Zaimani for Heavens Sake
Dam:- Warrenoak Wildcat at Zanavar
Breeder:- Hazel Cranham
Owner:- Hazel Cranham  
See Breeders ZANAVARS Zanavars Lightning Strikes of Tambang
Sire:- CH Calamayor Glyndwr
Dam:- Warrenoak Wildcat at Zanava
Breeder:- Mrs Hazel Cranham 
Owner:- Pam Croft Araki Blackmail 
Sire:- Ch Punapaulan Into Akaki (Imp)
Dam:- Vorlac Night Music of Araki
Breeder :- Sinclair.
Owner:- Mesdames E & A Adams & Sinclair

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford

Show Information

This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
Afghan Hound Association Mrs E M Brooks 01235 850850 no no
Afghan Hound Ass Rescue Mrs J Wonnacott 01288 352778 ? ?
Afghan Hound Club
of Scotland
Miss F Grant 01236 873054 ? ?
Afghan Hound Club of Wales
Also Rescue
Mrs I Dyke 01222 753584 no no
Nottingham Afghan
Training Club Forum
John Bloor ? yes yes
Southern Afghan Club Mrs Lesley Busby 01034 827765 yes yes


D. 68-74cms=27-29"
B. 63-69cms=25-27"

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
ARAKI Sinclair 0044(0)1290 420131 Cumnock No No
TULAK R & V McCormack 0044(0)1382 812988 Dundee No No
ZANAVAR Hazel Cranham 0044(0)1424 446223 East Sussex ? ?
TAMBANG Pam Croft 0044(0)1424 719686 East Sussex yes yes
WILBUS Lesley & Alan Busby 0044(0)1304 827765 Kent yes yes
JONECA Alison & Brian Leiper 0044(0)1241 830751 Angus yes yes
HARLEXTAN Graham & Christine Parsell 0044(0)1949 850 850 Midlands yes yes
none Nikki Deen 0044(0)1908510369 UK yes none

Stud dogs

Name Picture Owner Telephone Area Email Homepage

Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
Internet Afghan Club n/a n/a UK yes yes
Afghan Hound Home Page ? ? ? ? yes
Afghan Club of America ? ? Colorado,USA yes yes
Afghan Club of Canada Database Ed Granger ? Canada yes yes


No problems known to breeders.

Utility   Toy   Gundog
Pastoral   Working   Terrier
Hound   Home   Non-Reg

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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