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Spanish Water Dog

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Relampago de Ubrique at Canagua
Pictures are copyright of Faye Allen
Sire :- Sp. Ch. Manolo     Dam :- Chica Rubia.
BREEDER :- ?. OWNER :- Faye Allen

The Spanish Water dog or Canagua Perro de Agua Espanol, or Perro de Agua Espanol is a very old breed and belongs to the ancient Barbet family. Mainly found in Andalicia region. He is of medium size hunting dog with a keen sense of smell sight and sound. Can be used to herd. The coat is woolly, always curly and forms cords when long. It may be clipped but should be the same length all over. Tail is short often with a natural dock.
Colours are solid black, brown or white with any other colour and black/brown and white. Tricolours are not allowed.

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Canagua el Mejor

F. Relampago
M. Dilita de Ubrique at Canagua Canagua Chapoteo en Agua

F. Relampago
M. Canagua Rocio Topo de Ubrique at Canagua
M. Dana de Ubrique

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Show Information

This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at any Championship Shows. (2001)

They are shown in under the Imported Register only.

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UK & Irish Clubs

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Advice from Diane Philipson 0161 998 4746 ? ?
Update Advice from Mrs Murray 01522 868375 ? ?


D 40-50cm 16-19½"
B. 38-45cm 15-17½"
wt D. 16-20kg B 12-16kg
if clipped

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
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2003 CANAGUA Faye Allen ? Manchester yes yes
2005 ESTERELLANA Wanda Skooby n/a Lincolnshire yes yes

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Information Dog Breeds ? Switzerland ? yes
De Benamaina Sebastian Alonso 0034 952441513 Malaga, Spain yes yes
PEMONTELL Mrs Cathrine Jefferson. 0064 7 878 7707 New Zealand yes yes


No problems known to breeders
But breeders recomend eyes and hips should be tested

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