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Nebbia-Gucci di Ala D'Oro
ENCI Champion of the Year 2000
Sire :- Lee di Cascina Merigo     Dam :- Terra
BREEDER :- J. H. Muller     OWNER :-J. H. Muller

This is surely the oldest of the European pointing breeds, as it was known by Pliny, Xenophon, Dante and Cellini. Bred to find game and point, he also retrieves. He is an elegant, vigorous dog with a long fast trot. His serious expression, long angular head with his pronounced arched eyebrows, can give him a comical look. In temperament they are thoughtful, docile, obedient but not excessively cheerful. The ears and lips are pendulous, though there should be no dewlap; the eyes are yellow or ochre depending on the coat. The tail is still docked to 6 to ten inches - 15-25cm). The hair is short close and fine.
Colours are solid white, white with orange, amber or chestnut markings, or white speckled with orange or chestnut.

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Chic Choix Sole Mio
Sire :- Olympos Pronto Soccorso
Dam :- Teba dei Sanchi
Breeder :- Juha Kares
Owner :- Tommi Kaartinen & Juha Kares Chic Choix Ti Amo Sire:- Artu dei Sanchi Dam:- Teba dei Sanchi Breeder:-Juha Kares Owner:- 200 champions & top winners around the world, plus countless BIS winners! " vspace=10 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=120>
The above are copy right of Juhn Kares, Chic Choise, Finland

Sire:- MultiCh. Sirlad di Cascina Merigo
Dam:- Mariù
Breeder:- Delor Kennel
Owner:- Lucia Delor de Ferrabouc
See interesting sites - DELOR
Above copy right of DELOR, Italy.

Rubber Ball Man of Sentling
Sire :- Caruso
Dam :- Dk & An Ch Daria
BREEDER :- Mrs A.C. Surucka 
OWNER :- Mr L. & Mrs A Shevills
See Stud dogs w-98-99 Jade Derivato Dei Sanchi
Sire:=Amice Derivato Dei Sanchi
Dam:=NL CH Eletta Derivato Dei Sanchi
Breeder:=m. Grannetia-Buhrer Tavanier
Owner:=Teija Kuusisto
See 'Heinäaro'
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This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at any Championship Shows.

They are shown in the AV Import Register.

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? Advice - Mr Shaw 01304 373597 ? ?
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55 - 67cm = 21.½ - 26½ "
Wt 25-40kg = 55-88lbs
QuiteQuiet ?EasyEasyyes

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ARKENPOINT Martin and Leigh Smith. +44 (0) 20 8306 6847 Kent yes no
SENTLING Mrs Shaw 0044(0)1304 373597 ? ?

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Rubber Ball Man
of Sentling
Mr L & Mrs A Shevills 0044 (0) 191 2713917 Newcastle-
? ?

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Skin Deep Ann Christin Skrucha. 0046 31 57 19 43 Norway yes yes
Pointing Dog
Bracco Italiano
? ? USA ? yes
Di Ala D'Oro J. H. Muller 0031(0)229 563134 The Netherlands yes yes
Heinäaro Teija Kuusisto +358400205933 Finland yes yes
CHIC CHOIX Mr Juha Kares +358 9 2233 133 Ojakkala, Finland yes yes
DELOR Lucia Delor de Ferrabouc 00390331556787 Italy yes yes
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hips and eyes should be tested

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