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Pines Douglas of Minches
Sire :- Kaunotarens Shakaali at Kynyaf    Dam :- Jordis v Zollbrucke
BREEDER : - John Sharp & Ellaine Betts    OWNER.- Min Inches

The hovawart is a robust but not heavy, medium long haired, intelligent, determined, obedient and affectionate working dog. While retaining puppy nature for a long time, they are outstanding watchdogs, especially in stables and farms because of their good nature towards livestock.
The easy care coat comes in three official colours - Black, Black/Gold and Gold

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Congratulations to the winner in breed at Porto World show 2001
Freya Vom Boddenland
Owner Inge Lise & Jorqen Modis
Byline: Copyrights Karl DONVIL Photo Team
Credit: Germany
Black Blonde Black/Gold

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UK & Irish Clubs

Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
Hovawart Club
of Great Britain
Miss Julie Condron 01253 777186 yes yes

Show Information

In the UK the hovawart is shown under breed classes at a few shows, or Any Variety Not Seperately Classified - A.V.N.S.C. This can be AVNSC Working, or AVNSC Working/Utility/Toy or any other combination of other groups!
They do NOT have Championship Status under KC Rules.

In Ireland, they have their own rules and these are the same as the F.C.I. - CAC and CACIB can be won here. At the moment GB residents, must register with the Irish Kennel Club to compete.
F.C.I. registered breeds should be able to show there, when quarantine is lifted in 2000.

Breed Information

D. 25-27½" = 63-70cm.
B. - 22-26" = 55-65cm.
Can beWatchfull, friendlynot goodQuite easyWeeklyYes

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
MINCHES Min Inches 0044(0)1738 552183 Perth yes yes
SCHWARZWALD Penny Miles 0044(0)1793 751380 Cricklade No No
PINES Elaine Betts & John Sharp 0044(0)1223 262205 Cambridge yes yes
MYRTILLAS Mrs E Anderson 0044(0)1874 676271 Brecon n/a n/a
CORSINSALFAD Anne Stewart mob 07866698894 Auchterarder yes YES

Stud dogs

Name Picture Owner Telephone Area Email Homepage
Diego vom Buvagt Hus
World Champion
Sire:- Elk v Quellenhof
Dam:- Alpha v Bavagt-Hus
Breeder:- Giesela Ullbricht
Owner:- Uwe and Renate Bestmann Uwe Bestmann Germany 0049-40-6428286 yes yes

Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

Kennel Name Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
H.V.N. Kees van de Gorp 013 5700691 Tilburg Yes Yes


All breeding stock is tested against hip dysplasia with the result that the breed average is very good. The B.V.A score in 1999 is 11.5 total.
No known eye problems have turned up in the UK so far, but most imported animals and their offspring are screened for the first three generations.
Underactive thyroid is the only problem giving rise to concern at the moment. This is treatable with pills, but efforts are being made to bring it under control.
Chance of getting it? 15 in 215 dogs so far.(in UK)

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