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Tartuffe Pilmuir Awesome JW

Sire :- Ch Tartuffe Revelry     Dam :- Tartuffe Heather at Pilmuir
BREEDER :- Angela Curran & Janice Stewart OWNER :- Angela Curran & Janice Stewart

A big British dog with a square skull and muzzle, he should be of active build. Bred to protect gamekeepers and property from poachers. The coat is short and smooth
Colours are any shade of brindle, fawn or red, with a black muzzle and eye markings.

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Dainty Duchess With Michianti (Cassie)
Ulraglen Eclipse with Osage
Below Lizstick Hercules Cerberus as a youngster and adult
Lizstick Hercules Cerberus
Sire:- Naukeen Bostock
Dam:- Sakitaro Orange Blossom
Breeder:- Mr & Mrs Curnock
Owner:- Mr & Mrs Curnock
See Breeders list 'Lizstick'

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford

UK & Irish Clubs

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Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2005 British Bull Mastiff League Mrs A Lewis 01384 836531 yes yes
2005 Bullmastiff Association Mrs Barbara Byron 01623 656707 yes no
2004 Bullmastiff Society
of Scotland
Mrs C.McLeod 01292 571150 no no
2004 Northern Bullmastiff Club Mrs D Massey 0192 425 7106 no no
2005 Southern Bullmastiff Society Mr B Blunden 0192 289 2079 yes no
2005 Welsh & West of England
Bullmastiff Society
Mr D.B.Oliff (Acting Sec) 01594 529250 yes no
2005 Bulmastiff League n/a n/a yes yes


D. 64-69 cms=25-27"
B. 61-66 cms = 24-26"

UK & Irish Breeders

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Update Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
2005 CATHALJAY Cath & Alan Ambler 0044(0)1283 217890 Midlands yes yes
2005 TANGLEHILL Tony Chesters 0044(0)1942 683219 Manchester yes yes
2005 LIZSTICK David Curnock 0044(0)116 2849277 Leicester yes yes
2005 DREADNOT M & G Mc Naught 00449(0)1506.854374 Broxburn yes yes
2005 MICHIANTI Eddy & Michelle Scott 0044(0)1207 280700 Durham,England yes yes
2005 TARTUFFE Angela Curran &
Janice Stewart
0044(0)1501 823224 Lanarkshire, Scotland yes yes
2005 CLYTH John & Isobel Campbell 0044(0) 141 950 1591 Glasgow yes yes

Stud dogs

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Name Picture Owner Telephone Area Email Homepage

Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

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Affix Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
STEELMAZ R Cherney 61362951627 Australia yes yes Linda Walton n/a USA yes yes
Opalguard Paul & Nellie Abela 61(02) 6762 4835 Australia yes yes
Della Buona Stella Revelant Manuela 0131709492 Italy yes yes


An eye problem is under investigation
HD is average at 29

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