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Bouvier des Flanders

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XAROCH MALOU van Lage Banken
* Flemish Winner 1993, World Champion 1994, German club Champion 1994
Bundessieger 1994, German VDH Champion, American Champion

BREEDER :- Mrs. C.A.M Valentijn-van Zomeren.     . OWNER :- Cor Valentijn?

He is a 7 years old, entire male Bouvier des Flandres. His coat is black and unclipped, he has alopaecia along his back which is not immediately noticeable. Their tails are usually docked about 2 inches long, but his is so short it's barely a stump.
The dog was stolen late on Monday 22nd October/early Tuesday morning from Nottingham but could be anywhere by now. Please ask anyone you know to keep an eye out for him. If you see him please contact Ray & Sue Phillips on 0115 9821539

A compact powerful dog, the Bouvier was a cattle drover but is very adaptable, being brave and sensible. Friendly with people but a good guard he is also good with other dogs. His coat is harsh, abundant and thick with a dense undercoat, this takes a lot of grooming to avoid mats.
Colours are from fawn to black, including brindle, darker shades preferred. Chocolate or white predominating is undesirable.

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Bouvier des Flanders Club
of Great Britain
Mrs H Irving 01362 820425 ? ?


D. 62-68cms=24½-27"
Wt 35-40kg = 77=88lbs
B. 59-65cms = 23-25½"
wt. 27-35kg = 59-77lbs
quitegoodyeseasyWork neededyes

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TAMODAN Barbara Willis &
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0044(0)1278 446451 Somerset yes yes

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van de
Lage Banken
Mrs. C.A.M Valentijn-van Zomeren. ? Netherlands yes yes


HD is average at 18 total

Utility   Toy   Gundog
Pastoral   Working   Terrier
Hound   Home   Non-Reg

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