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Black Russian Terrier

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Ital Ch Toro Doro
Sire:- Dubel Dzemma     Dam :- Dasza
BREEDER :- Jantros . OWNER :- Maria Sofia Allegranza Bulhak Jelski

The following is unashamedly taken from the Black Russian Site at DORAMBRA
I suggest you go there for the full picture!

The 'Black Russian' as he is known on the continent, size is above average, they are strong with massive muscles and bones. Skin is compact and elastic, not wrinkling and hanging. Dogs of this breed are snappish if necessary, distrustful of strangers and resilient; they adapt well to different climatic zones and are easily trained. Alert, strong, even-minded, lively and with active defence reactions. The coat is Rough, harsh, abundant and thick. Ruffled hair is long 4-10 cm. and covers the body. Furnishings are well developed shaping on muzzles upper lip rough, brush-shape whiskers and a beard on the chin; eyebrows are rough and bushy. On neck and withers coat is longer and forms a mane. Forelegs up to elbows and hind legs up to thighs are covered by a rough, long coat. Undercoat is harsh and well developed.
Colour is black, or black with white hairs

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Tridents Epicenter With Shadlian
Breeder Anna Carson 'Trident' Kennel North California 
Owner Jan Favell & Keith Raper -Shadlian Kennel UK
First Male in the UK
Eestlless Joker Arbat-Roz at Robroyd
F. Ishak-Lidz
M. Rozal-Rad
Breeder - Marco & Alex Galli, Lisander Kennels.
Owner - Thomas & Janet Huxley 
See the breeders section! These dogs belong to Nadez Sazonova 
Find her in the 'Interesting' section
Potterspride Red October
Sire :- Cherni Lev Berendey Bartovich (imp)
Dam :- Pilar of Potterspride (imp)
Breeder :- Mrs V.E. Slade
Owner :- E K Redmond

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Show Information

This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at ANY Championship Shows.

The are shown in Ireland in the Not Seperately Classified Working
And in UK may be shown in the Import Register - when the standard is accepted, this means that they may NOT compete for best in show.
A good example of how they are clipped is found on one of the DORAMBRA pages

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
Update Russian Black Terrier Club(proposed) Janet Huxley 0044(0)1226 285822 yes yes


D. 66-72cm
B. 64-70cm
veryalertyesNoDaily + Trimmingyes

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
Update Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
Update HIBECK Mrs Jean McDonald-Ulliot Linton Bridge House Balkholme Nr Howden, DN14 7XH ?
2004 SHALIADAN Jan Favell & Keith Raper 0044(0)1427 848221 Doncaster yes no
Update ROBROYD Janet & Tom Huxley 0044(0)1226 285822 South Yorkshire yes yes

Stud dogs

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
Pottersprise Red October Mrs E.K Redmond 0044(0)1505 346136 Kilbarchan, Dumfries no no

Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
DORAMBRA Maria Sofia Allegranza Bulhak Jelski ? Italy yes yes
Nadezhdina PolYana Nadez Sazonova 7-(01141)-3-69-47 Russia Yes Yes



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