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Standard Poodle

Ranleillor Carte D'or.jpg

Rankeillor Carte D'or
Sire :- Dorvalle Danse Du Feu    Dam :- Rankeillor Hidden Gold
BREEDER : - E Roger . OWNER :- Mr Richardson & Mrs Hudson

Proud carriage, refined head and light of movement. The Poodle is fun loving and sensitive and easy to train. The profuse, dense coat must be regularly clipped by an expert to look their best.
Colours are all solid colours

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Classy Chassy by Tazmitch
Sire:- Afterglow Alcatraz
Dam:- Tazmitch High Peractive
Breeder:- Audra Cornwell
Owner:- Kaye Cornwell
Jenny and Leo in the Snow
Pet clip
owner Sally Hallmark
see Chocolate - Quillet No More Heroes N.Uch Play With Fire
Sire :- S.Uch Dreamlines Apricot Brandy
Dam:- Int.Nord.Uch Little Red Riding Hood
Breeder:- May Nilsen, Norway
Owner:- Kennel Apricot Dressed, Trine L√łken Stensberg, Norway
Twindles Beethoven
Sire:- Pinafore Politician Shalanka
Dam:- Bruvelle Morning Blase
Breeder:- Mrs J Caswell
Owner:- Mr Michael Davidsohn
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Jencro Just Dandy
Sire: - Butterland Jack The Lad at Damosil
Dam:- Saffron Sapphire
Breeder:- Mrs Jenny Croft
Owner:- Mrs Jenny Croft Sukanto Ell-Uva-Guy at Sympika
Sire:=Vandepere the Viking of Supernova
Dam:=Sukanto Ell-Uv-An-Impact
Breeder:=M & P Fozard
Owner:=C & A Luty & M Fozard
information=Standard Poodle

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 International Poodle Club Miss K Rees 01623 861946 no no
2004 Standard Poodle Club
of the United Kingdom
Mrs P Holbourn 01212 742713 yes no
2004 Poodle Club Mr & Mrs Butcher 020 8500 2335 no no
2004 Poodle Club of Scotland Mr B Fleming 01592 773689 no no


Size overActiveTemperamentKennelTrainingGroomingProblems
38cms = 15"VeryGoodNoEasyDifficult
in Show coat

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
KIRAGLEONS M Davidsohn n/a n/a yes yes
ASTROID Frances Ockford 0044(0)1430 873 230 Yorks yes yes
QUILLET Mr & Miss Catlow & Taylor 0044(0)1253 790976 Preston yes no
PIEDMONT Barrie Drewitt &
Tony Barlow
004(0)7713126983 Essex yes yes
TAZMITCH Kaye & Audra Cornwell 0044(0)1204 410427 Bolton, Lancashire yes yes
KHYZAHRA Mrs. Sandy Vincent 0044(0)1420 563376 Hampshire yes none
SYMPIKA Chris & Angela Luty 0044(0)113 2509100 West Yorkshire yes yes
JENCRO Jenny Croft 0044(0)1723 862264 North Yorkshire yes yes
ANORIEN Miss Young & Mr N Heslam 0044(0)1915846594 > Tyne & Wear yes yes

Stud dogs

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Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
Napoleon's Web page Michael Davidsohn 0208 905 1965 Herts yes yes


HD risk is average at 15 total score (1999)
Some skin problems
eye problem - HC, 'hereditary cateract'

all the following have been found, Gastric Tortion-Bloat Patellar Luxation, Epilepsy

Utility   Toy   Gundog
Pastoral   Working   Terrier
Hound   Home   Non-Reg

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