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Japanese Shiba Inu

IR CH Skiandu Simply the Best at Linsea

IR CH Skiandu Simply the Best at Linsea
Sire :- Makoto Kaido at Kerrilands    Dam :- Wellshim Hasmine of Skiandu
BREEDER :- Ros Reynolds. OWNER.:- Linda Searle

Description from - Skiandu Shibas
"Inquisitive, alert, playful. A little bit aloof with strangers. They have their individual traits which make each one special and endearing. They are hunters to the bitter end, loving to chase rats and mice and catch the birds. They are not one to be safe off the lead, tending to suddenly go "deaf" and race off on their hunt. Shibas are very headstrong, independent and full of themselves, they can be trained on a give & take basis. They love to rough and tumble and often take up the top spot in households with large dogs. Rottweillers, Akitas, any large dog is just right for a shiba as they can play those roughest of games that the shiba loves"------"They keep themselves relatively clean. you have to watch the dew claws as they don't wear down, so need trimming regularly." A small compact dog of the Spitz type the coat is thick and plush in appearance. They have a double coat, harsh top coat and thick, dense and soft undercoat. The undercoat moults normally once a year and the best way to get it out is to pluck the tufts as you see them.
Colours are red, red and white, black/tan and white, sesame and white. Pigmentation is black

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at some Championship Shows.

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Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 Japanese Sheba Inu Mr Wilkinson n/a n/a n/a
Shiba Rescue Carol Fysh
Gill Bingham
01953 717356
01384 214868
East Anglia
West Midlands


d. 39.5cms.= 15½"
b. 36.5cms = 14½"
VeryMischievousNot recommendedDifficultSomeyes

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OSFERATU Chris Thomas 0044(0)1902 681402 West Midlands yes yes
SKIANDU Ros Reynolds

ICQ: 11720576


Lincs yes
STELDAWN Gill Bingham 0044(0)1384 214868 West Midlands yes yes

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HUNTER IS FOXY ON RUSTY Derek Hamel ? New England, USA yes ?
SHIBA INU HOMEPAGE Lynda Birmantas n/a USA yes yes


Dew Claws have to be watched as they do not wear down naturally.
Clipping will be necessary.
Patella problems and popping hocks

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Hound   Home   Non-Reg

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