Champion Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Sire :- Eng Ch Kelloe Kid Glove     Dam :- Eng Ch Esclusham Song of Sixpence
BREEDER : - Brenda Price   OWNER : - Carol Newman.

The bulldog has a compact, powerful build with a rather large head and short face. Not inclined to exercise, a mile would be enough he makes a good companion for the patient owner. He can be obstinate by nature. His coat is short fine and easily kept, his face must be cleaned daily between the wrinkles.
Colour are solid colours, with or without black mask, brindles, reds of all shades, fawn, fallow, white and pied with and of the previous mentioned colours. Dudley, black and black with tan highly undesirable.

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
British Bulldog Club Mrs E Aldridge 01400 282 163 yes yes
Bulldog Club Incorporated Mr C Carberry 01327 857434 n/a n/a
Bulldog Club of Scotland Mrs S. Rowe 01228 576424 yes none
Bulldog Club of Wales Mrs Lane 01222 734631 n/a n/a
Junior Bulldog Club Mr Presland 01222 734631 no no
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Size Active Temperament Kennel Training Grooming Problems
D. 25kg = 55 lbs
B. 23 kgs = 50 lbs
Not ? No Difficult easy yes

UK & Irish Breeders

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WENCAR Carol Newman 0044(0)1253 356786
Fax - 355678 + ICQ# 15660695
Blackpool yes yes

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Bulldog Club of America Kathy Moss n/a USA yes yes


The breed is susceptible to breathing and respiratory troubles, particularly in hot weather.
Natural birth is unusual in this breed because of the head size

Stonehenge (1872) says " - - the mental qualities of the bulldog may be highly cultivated, and in brute courage and unyielding tenacity of purpose he stands unrivalled among quadrupeds - -" and that "- - in kennels - - they are often deficient in intelligence - - " but " - - if differently treated the bulldog is a very different animal, the brute nature he so often displays being mainly attributed to the savage human beings with whom he associates." In appearance he describes them as follows.
" The head should be round, the skull high, the eye moderate size, and the forehead well sunk between the eyes, the ears ears and small, well placed on the top of head, rather close together than otherwise, the muzzle short, truncated, and well furnished with chop; his back should be short, well arched towards the stern, which should be fine and of moderate length; many bulldogs have a crooked stern." - - - "The coat should be fine, though many superior strains are very wooly-coated; the chest should be deep and broad, the legs strong and muscular, and foot narrow and well split up like a hare's".


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