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Simos Appin Hercules * & Simos Iseabhail **
* Sire :- Ch Ffain Hawkseye     Dam :- Simos Clytie
** Sire :- Simos King Fergus of Skehana   Dam :- Tidemill Notorious Noleen of Simos
BREEDER :- Mrs Agrell.    OWNER :- Mrs Patricia Deans

A square cobby dog with a large round short face and large eyes, the tail is carried in a tight twist over the back. Intelligent adaptable and good tempered. The coat is fine, smooth, soft short and glossy. Only the face folds need cleaning.
Colours are silver, apricot, fawn or black with specific dark markings.

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The Scottish Pug Dog Club 
Amanda Mitchell
Picture by Michael Trafford
This picture could be yours

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 Pug Dog Club Mrs Adele Nicholson 0044(0)20 7352 2436 yes yes
2004 Scottish Pug Dog Club Mrs Munday 01988 850237 no no
2004 Wales & West England Pug Dog Club Mr R John 01656 842292 no no
2004 Irish Pug Dog Club Mary Bentley 045 441078 ? ?
2004 Northern Pug Dog Club Mr P Davis 01427 728464 yes yes


6.3 - 8.1kg = 14 - 18 lbsNot VeryGoodHouse preferredFairly hardEasy + face foldsyes

UK & Irish Breeders

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Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
CHINKIDOO Anne & Dave 0044(0)1248 601844 Wales yes yes
POOSBURY Doreen & John Davies +44 (0) 1384 - 894332 Stourbridge yes yes
SMOOFAIR Sylvia Smith 0044(0)1442 865297 Berkhamsted yes yes
TARRAGEM Margaret 0044(0)161 442 7118 Cheshire yes yes
top shot picture Mrs Patricia Deans 0044(0)1382 624859 Dundee no no
NANCHYL Nancy Tarbitt n/a Sunderland yes yes
Lincs, England
JESSYGAFF Mr Mrs Dunderdale 0044(0)1724-849419 Lincon, England yes yes

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Affix or owner Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
KHEIREDDIN Carol 02 48298127 Australia yes yes
Pug Database Kristina Reid n/a n/a yes yes


Very occasional cases of hip dysplasia
susceptible to encephalitis (USA)
Pugs must be kept cool, overheating is a real danger.
Some attention must be paid to the rather protruding eyes and the face skin folds.

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Pastoral   Working   Terrier
Hound   Home   Non-Reg

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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