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Miniature Pinscher

Nina - Dobenar's Blu Velevet At Studpin
Sire: Dobenar Boy Blue    Dam:Dobenar's Selina
OWNER :- Mrs Sue Edmondson

The Min Pin as he is known in UK and Zwegpincher in Germany, is a small, sturdy, elegant dog. In character he should be fearles, proud and is a good watch dog. The ears may be erect or dropped and the tail is still docked. The coat is smooth, hard and short.
Colour are black, blue, or chocolate with specified markings and black pencillings on the toes, or red

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Notty Heaven Sent

Sire:- Dark Dubber at Notties

Dam:- Rula Rostrum at Notties

breeder:- Mrs Susan Rae Nott

Owner:- Mr Jake Mottershead

See Breeders 'NOTTIES' Dark Dubber at Notties

See breeders  'NOTTIES' Dundee '2000
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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at some Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

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Update The Miniature Pinscher Club Ms Burns 01202 546848 no no


25 - 30cms = 10 - 12"Quite?No?easy?

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WEGLAUFEN Mandi and Colin Woods n/a Wales yes yes
DYSART Carol & Jim Boyd n/a Antrim, yes yes

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KAYBROOKE Ed & Darlene Riley ? Ontario, Canada yes yes
EXIGOR Annette Persson ? Varnamo, Sweden yes yes


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