Japanese Chin

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A fine boned, compact little dog with the characteristic astonished look. This is a happy friendly person with personality. The head should be evenly marked and the coat profuse, the tail is carried over the back. The coat is long but easily kept.
Colours are black and white, red and white, including shades of lemon and savle or orange.

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2003 Japanese Chin Club Chris Tappenden n/a yes yes


1.8-3.2kg = 4 - 7 lbs??No?Easyyes

UK & Irish Breeders

Affix Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
VIVAL Mrs E Tappenden 0044(0) 1794 322507 Salisbury no yes
SANGRIA Messers Bond & Farmer 0044(0)1604 644907 Sywell n/a n/a
ELLINGHURST Mr P Boyer 0044(0)1604 239805 Norhampton n/a n/a
DAINICHI Mrs Ellen Willies 0044(0)121 784 4192 Birmingham yes yes
DUNLOO Ann Dilley 0044(0)24-76769803 West Midlands yes yes
HOMERBRENT Mrs K Coaker 0044(0)1364 73191 Devon yes yes

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Affix Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
Japanese Chin Club
of America
Betty Stovall n/a USA yes yes
SIATORI Natalie Silver ? Canburra, Australia yes yes


Slipping Patella & Heart problems

Utility   Toy   Gundog
Pastoral   Working   Terrier
Hound   Home   Non-Reg

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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