Scottish Terrier

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Ir Ch Edelhof Andora
14 Green Stars,21 BoB, 9 Terrier Groups, 3 Res Bis, 2nd Open Bitch Crufts 1999
KC Good Citizen Bronze & Silver
Sire :- Boquhan Mighty Dime     Dam :- Vanity Fair At Sorross
BREEDER :- Mrs Sue E Tulloch. OWNER :- Mrs Sue E Tulloch.

Developed in Scotland in 1700, then known as the Aberdeen terrier, the breed as we know it today dates to the late 1800's. Seldom now used for the hunting of fox, badger or rabbits, he is the ideal companion. A Sturdy thick set dog on short legs, shows power and activity. A dignified sort he is sensitive to criticism. Head appears long. He is loyal and devoted to the family but obedience not his strong point. The coat is close lying, harsh on top with an undercoat. the tail is undocked.
Colours are black, wheaten or brindle of any shade.

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Am., Ger., Int'l Ch. Arabella's Olympic Gold,
Sire:- Ger. & Int'l Ch. Mikkel
Dam:- Ger. & Int'l Ch. Arabella's Cinderella
Breeder :- Martina Kuhlmey
Owner :- Cindy Cooke
see Black - Lomondview Black Image of Scotchmore
Sire :-.
Dam :-
Breeder - Mrs C A. Annan
Owner - Morris put your picture here Brindle - Ch Lomondview Pilot
Sire :-.
Dam :-
Breeder - Mrs C A. Annan
Owner - Mrs C A. Annan
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For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 Scottish Terrier Breeders
& Exhibitors Association
Mrs S Baker 01384 83 4699 yes yes
2004 Scottish Terrier Club (England) Mrs T Tovey 01664 813179 yes yes
2004 Scottish Terrier Club (Scotland) Mrs M Plunkett 01387 740420 no no
2004 South Wales Scottish Terrier Club Miss L Herd n/a yes yes
2004 North of England
Scottish Terrier Club
Mrs D Sharples n/a yes yes
2004 West of England
Scottish Terrier Club
Mr N Straw n/a yes yes
2004 Scottish Terrier Emergency
Care Scheme
area reps on website yes yes
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25-28cms = 10-11"
wt 8.5-10.5kg=19-23lbs
ModerateAlertYesDifficultDaily +
Hand strip

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
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EDELHOF Sue & Robin Tulloch
Occasional breeder + advice
0044(0)1241 852612 Easthaven no no
FEREGAIT John & Avril Herd (44) 01259 213444 Alloa yes yes
KILLESPORT Mrs E Blower 01439 788504 Osealdkirk yes no

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Scottish Terrier Pedigrees Mary O'Neal n/a n/a yes yes
ANSTAMM Miriam Stamm & Cindy Cooke 616-375-0427 Kalamazoo MI USA yes yes


Most of the following is taken from "Stonehenge" and Robert Leighton's "The Dog"
Much argument went on about the beginnings of this breed but one thing is sure, and that is the use of the Aberdeen terrier as a 'base'. The Aberdeen was a small long, low dog with a snippy face, prick or drop ears, and harsh short coat, colours were brindle, black and sandy. He was very game, lively as a cricket and had a charming temperament.
A Sir Paynton Piggot, MVO (The Badger) had a strong kennel of Scottish Terriers in England He thought he had the correct type and Captain Gordon Murray (Strathbogie) who was just as adamant that his version was correct (he did not like long coats or the sandy colour). Some breeders had dogs 10 inch inch coats) A compromise was reached by the President of the Kennel Club Mr S.E Shirley and he put on classes for the breed at Alexandra Palace between 1877 and 1879.

This breed has certainly changed over the years, coat and stripping being of huge importance now, in showing. Hopefully the shape underneath is not as exaggerated.

Granite Carter Laddie Ch Ems Chevalier


Scottie Cramp

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For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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