Airedale Terrier

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Jaideld Warpath Warrior
Sire :- Quaintways Uchelwr of Tanworth     Dam :- Gypsy Lady of Jaideld
BREEDER :- Mrs.A. Lockett. OWNER :- Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Lockett

An active, muscular, cobby and alert dog with a playful temperament. The back is short, strong, straight and level, the chest should be deep but not broad. Originally used for ratting and otter hunting
Colours are black or 'grizzle' saddle on the body from neck to top surface of the tail. All other parts tan, some shading may occur round the neck and side of skull.

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S.African Ch
Buxton Storm in a Teacup 
Sire:- Zim. Zambia, S African Ch
Jokyl Strongheart of Kirsuda 
Dam:- S African Ch Buxton
We will Rock You
Breeder:- Ms Y De Klerk
Myredanen Cadfael
Sire :- Ch Stargus Black Rain 
Dam :- Creag Rowen Friend for Life
BREEDER :- MacDonald. 
OWNER :- MacDonald

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Show Information

This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

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Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 The Airedale Terrier
Club of Scotland
Mrs S Ferris 01292 590554 no no
2004 Airedale Terrier
Breed Council
Mrs A McGoun n/a Dragons,Little London
Horam, Heathfield
East Sussex TN21 0AY
2004 National Airdale Terrier
Association & Rescue
Mrs R Moules 01400 250969 no no
2004 Airedale Terrier Club
of Northern Ireland
Mrs M Gregg 01232 813467 no no
2004 West of England & South Wales
Airdale Terrier Rescue
Mrs Hunter 01934 815060 yes yes
2003 Midland Counties
Airedale Terrier Club
Mrs Joy Sallows West Green Drive
Warwickshire CV37 9HZ
2004 South of England Airedale Club Mrs Alison Awbery 01273 890798 yes yes


D. 58-61cms = 23-24"
B. 56-59cms = 22-23"
Daily +

UK & Irish Breeders

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Update Affix Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
Update AWBERY Sarah Awbery n/a East Sussex yes yes
Update DAEDAL n/a 0044(0)1449 767110 Stowmarket yes yes
Update ROBROYD Janet Huxley 0044(0)1226 285822 South Yorkshire yes yes
Update RAGTAIL Ann Curran. n/a Scotland yes yes
Update SAREDON JUDITH AVERIS AND DAVID SCAWTHORN +44 0 1889 563380 Uttoxeter yes yes
2004 SHALIADAN Jan Favell & Keith Raper 0044(0)1427 848221 Doncaster yes no

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Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

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Airdale Terrier Club
of America
Mrs Linda Baake 252.637.3575 NC. - USA yes yes
Airdale Terrier Club
of Netherlands
F.W.T. Kroon-Fransz 00-31-(0)492-362674 Netherlands yes yes


Hip dysplasia Average score for this breed (1999) is 17 total.
Skin infections
Test for eye problems

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For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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