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Lancashire Heeler

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Foxthyme Miss Marple & Captain Hastings (pup)
Sire :- Foxthyme Gromit     Dam :- Foxthyme Buttons and Bows
(pup) Foxthyme Captain Hastings,
Sire: Fredrick of Hoscar     Dam: Foxthyme Play Away.
BREEDER :- Mrs Enid Lord.     OWNER :- Mrs Trudi Willems (NL)

Developed to drive cattle by biting there heels. This sturdily built, strong, active, slightly longer than tall in outline, the undocked tail carried in a slight curve. Coat varies, short or longer showing mane hair which does not stand off.
Colour is black or liver, with rich tan markings

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For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford

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Thes breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at many Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
Lancashire Heeler Club
update 2002
Sec -Mrs C Norman
Rescue - Mrs E Lord
01938 553357
01772 322064
no no


D. 30cms = 12"
B. 25cms = 10"

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
Affix Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
DODDSLINE Mr N Johnston 0044(0)1942 831237 Wigan ? ?
LANKEELA Miss Cutter 0044(0)1777 743138 Dereham ? ?
BOWANNE Mrs A Bowes 0044(0)1953 883031 Thetford ? ?
SWANDALE Mr & Mrs J Swann 0044(0)1942 676545 Leigh no yes
FOXTHYME Mrs E Lord 0044(0)1772 322064 Preston ? ?
PENNIJAR Mark and Joan Smith 0044(0)1942 680683 Greater Manchester yes yes
Pups born now
Jan 2002
Kay Critchlow 0044(0) 161 3552433 Lancashire yes yes

Stud dogs

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Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

Affix or owner Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
CATELLUS Eeva Mija Lehtinen ? Finland yes ?
MOONGLADE Monica Wennerstroem ? Sweden yes ?
SUKELYAS Dick Koster 0031(0)345-641537 Netherlands Yes Yes


Please not the honesty of this breed and know these problems are NOT widespread.
Eye problems under investigation -
Collie Eye Anomoly. 1% of population.
An examination at 6 weeks of age is used to screen for effected dogs
Lens Luxation - Routine eye certification examinations will not, in most cases, detect a dog pre-disposed to lens luxation
Other know odd occurances of - Patella luxations (dislocation of the knee-cap), media patella luxation, Lateral patellar luxation.
As in all breeds Canine Eclampsia is also called "milk fever" is known.

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Pastoral   Working   Terrier
Hound   Home   Non-Reg

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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