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Hungarian Kuvasz


Ashley Chase by DreamCatcher
Sire :- Magor-Gerivom Queckselber of Khinjan     Dam :- Rosskuvasz Rona
BREEDER :- S. Ryland. OWNER :- Mick & Terry Brent

Did you know! This is a breed soon to be banned form Germany!! Can you help? -

Information given by DreamCatcher Kuvasz These are extracts - go read the rest!
"All Kuvasz today are descended from a dozen or so dogs which managed to survive the depredations of the 2nd World War in Hungary. The Kuvasz is a big white livestock guardian (known amongst its devotees as BWD's - Big White Dogs!) with a strong guarding instinct and amazing intelligence.----- The Kuvasz is a guarding breed, not an attack dog! The task of the Kuvasz is to guard and warn off predators, not to fight them! This would be counterproductive - while the 'aggressive' Kuvasz is off being 'butch' and fighting the predator, all the other predators in the neighbourhood are busy slaughtering the flock." Still very rare in UK this breed was used in Hungary to protect flocks of sheep. He is a large and sturdily built, brave but naturally suspicious of strangers. Takes some handling so is not for the novice, but a good worker when mastered. The coat has a medium, course topcoat which is slightly waved and is double.
Colour is pure white.

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Show Information

This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates any Championship Shows.

In the UK the Hungarian Kuvasz is shown under breed classes at a few shows, or Any Variety Not Seperately Classified - A.V.N.S.C. This can be AVNSC Pastoral, or AVNSC Working/Pastoral/Toy or any other combination of other groups!
They do NOT have Championship Status under KC Rules.

In Ireland, they have their own rules and these are the same as the F.C.I. - CAC and CACIB can be won here. At the moment GB residents, must register with the Irish Kennel Club to compete.
F.C.I. registered breeds should be able to show there, when quarantine is lifted in 2000.

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D. 71-75cms= 28 - 29½"
B. 66-70cms=26-27½"

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KHINJAN Mrs A Hattrell-Tredgett 0044(0)1526 355529 Woodhall Spa ? ?
DREAMCATCHER Mrs T. Brent 0044(0)181 568 9611 Brentford yes yes
ZALUTE Mrs Mary Dunk 0044(0)24 76447591 Coventry yes ?

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American Kuvasz Association ? ? USA yes
Kuvasz Club Of America ? ? ? yes yes
Kuvasz Angelica Smeets-Schirra 045 5252737 Nederlands ? yes
Kuvasz Vereinigung
Deutschland e.V.


No problems known to breeders

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