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German Shepherd Dog

Lornaville Sea Bird
Sire:- Lornaville Ulysees     Dam:- Lornaville Summer Mist
Breeder:- Mr Roy Brandon     Owner:- Miss JA Hassall

The history of this breed is lost in time, but we do know that long-haired shepherds were shown in Hanover in 1882, and that the short-haired variety was presented in Berlin in 1889. Strange then that it is only the short coated that is shown these days.
It has a slightly elongated body with a light but solid bone structure. It should be sturdy and muscular. The ears are wide at the base, pointed, upright and turned forward. Eyes are almond, never protruding, dark with an intelligent expression. In personality they should be bold, cheerful, obedient, steady, loyal and affectionate with it's master and family, tolerant of other animals and wary of strangers.
Colours are, Black or black saddle with tan, or gold to light grey markings. All black, all grey with lighter or brown marking referred to as Sables. Nose black. Light markings on the chest or colour on inside of legs permissible but undesirable. Blues, livers, albinos, white and near whites are undesirable. Undercoat except in all black dogs usually grey or fawn.

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Jemness Atlas
 Top Sire 96,97,98,99. + his top winning progeny
Sire:- Ch Lindanvale Vegas
Dam:- Kemnad Dannielle
Breeder:- Eddie Stephenson
Owner:- Breeder
Jemness German Shepherds.
   Long haired

Sire :- 
Dam :- 
Owner:- David G Banyard

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford

This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

This breed is shown more like the on the Continent, with dogs running ahead of the handlers on long lines. Outside assistance is NOT permitted and dogs being handled this way can be told to leave the ring. The dogs are stacked in the crouch position, when standing.
At 'Local' shows this is still very much frowned upon, unless under a breed spacific judge. There and in the Main (Group & Best in Show) rings, the dogs are expected to trot beside the handlers.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 UK National GSD Helpline Alyson Lockwood 01914 132038 yes yes
2004 British Association for GSD's Mrs D Little 0121 353 9872 yes yes
2004 GSD CLUB of the UK Miss J A Hassall 01302 751743 no yes
2004 GSD Club of Scotland Mrs E Young 01292 521129 no no
2004 GSD Club of Wales Mrs Christine Jeffries 01685 876147 no no
2004 GSD League of Great Britain Mrs Carole Lister 01630 638540 yes yes
2004 Heads of the Valley
German Shepherd Dog Club
Margaret Davies 01443 412 975 yes yes
2004 German Shepherd Dog
Breed Councel of GB
Sec. Mrs S Rankin
Web. Sue Belfield
01708 342194
0113 2374223
2004 South Yorkshire Alsation Assoc. Mr Roy Brandon 01302 721015 no yes
2004 Iceni GSD Club Mary Gentile n/a yes yes
2004 White & Long Coat GSD Society Mr. Peter Bache 0121 6819549 yes yes


D. 63 cmsm = 25"
B. 58 cms = 23"
Very Strong Yes Easy Moderate yes

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
JEMNESS Eddie & Joyce Stephenson 0044(0) 0191 5651464 Tyne & Wear yes yes
COPYBUSH Glynis & Peter Appleby 0044(0)1633 272 508
Fax 01633 271209
Newport, Wales yes yes
KINGSTOWN Roy & Jeanette Kallagher 0044(0)1268 521974
FAX 44(0)1268 289818
Billericay yes yes
MARINITA Anita Guy 0044(0)1942 749971 Lancashire yes yes
INKABIJOU Alyson Lockwood 0044(0)1914 132038 Newcastle upon Tyne yes yes
LORNAVILLE Mr Roy Brandon 0044(0)1302 721015 Doncaster, South Yorkshire yes yes
GARONELE June Reynolds 0044(0)1205 460708 Lincolnshire yes no
KASSIEGER Sue & Jim Belfield 0044(0)113 - 2374223 Leeds, West Yorkshire yes yes
CHINSAM Linda Field 0044(0)1623-510845 Nottinghamshire yes yes
BLAEN YSTRUTH Mike Townley 0044(0)1495 290766 Gwent yes yes
JOEMAX Maxine & Joe Foster 0044(0)1915871094 Peterlee, North East yes yes
Sarah Ryan 07092 280966 Brecon, Powys yes yes
BLACKFELL Jerry & Cheryl Roach. +4401207570167 Durham, North East England yes yes
White & coloured Longcoats
Mrs Debbie Simms-Walker 0044(0) 1489 564919 Hampshire yes yes
NIXTEV Nicky Garbutt 0044(0)191 3884220 Co Durham, NE England yes yes
AMBERIXS Jackie Young 0044(0)1642 460806 North East, Middlesbrough yes yes
SCHADEVON Sharon Hodgkins 0044(0)1889 800501
0797 491 6580
Staffordshire yes yes
EDENKIRK P Driscoll & Lorraine Fyfe 0044(0)1592759697 Fife, Scotland yes yes
KRYSTNAS Chris Bamford & Steve Helliwell 0044(0)1750 62281 Selkirk, Scotland yes yes

Stud dogs

Name Picture Owner Telephone Area Email Homepage
Jemness Atlas
Jemness German Shepherds.
Home of Jemness Atlas.
Top Sire 96,97,98,99.
and his top winning progeny
Jemness Atlas
Sire:- Ch Lindanvale Vegas
Dam:- Kemnad Dannielle Eddie & Joyce Stephenson 0044(0) 0191 5651464 Tyne & Wear yes yes

Interesting Sites, Foreign Clubs and breeders

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage James Orr (970) 225-6989 Fort Collins, USA yes yes


Prospective owners and breeders must check, eyes, heart, hips, elbows, epilepsy and haemophilia. See parents for temperament.
HD is high at average 19 total (1999)
genetic diseases, hip dysplasia, spondylosis, heart trouble, enzyme deficiencies, allergies, thyroid imbalance

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Pastoral   Working   Terrier
Hound   Home   Non-Reg

For pictures of the top dogs in Scotland by Michael Trafford
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