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Estrela Mountain Dog

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Karabas Xingu Xhan Xeduc
Sire :- Portugese Champion L'Scud Dos Montes Hermnios     Dam :- Karabas Violeta Vegah Vip
BREEDER :- Sietske Christan Luchsinger   OWNER :- Evelyn Spakman.

The Cao da Serra da Estrela or Estrela Mountain dog as he is known in Britain, is used to guard flocks in Portugal. A large mastiff type, he is reserved with strangers and requires a firm upbringing as he can be stubborn. The coat is harsh, there are two types, a long, with a mane, and a short coated, both with undercoat. Eyes are amber.
Colour varies from pale fawn to deep red, wolf grey and brindle. A black mask is highly desirable

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Cassandra of Sturtmoor
Sire:- Leoa
Dam:- Port. Ch. Rogean Augusta
Breeder:- Mr R F Pye
Owner:- Mrs Marcia Dovey
See STURTMOOR in breeders list
First Estrela in the UK
Carrica do Sertorio at Capa Negra & Wentcourt Tuela Shanidar at Capa Negra Wentcourt Tuela Shanidar at Capa Negra
Sire :-
Dam :- Sturtmoor Kabanea of Wentcourt
Breeder :- Mr & Mrs Yeoman
Owner :- Dr & Mrs J Tyne Holme

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This breed has NO Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at any Championship Shows.

They are shown in their own classes at some CC shows and under AV Pastoral and AV Rare breeds.

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2005 Estrela Mountain Dog Association Mrs Jenny Wedge 01376 322020 yes yes


D. 65-72cms= 28½"
B. 62-68cms=24½=27"

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Update CAPA NEGRA Dr & Mrs Tyne Holme Ashbrook Range, Sunderland.
Tyne & Wear
SR2 7TR No
2005 WENTCOURT Sian Yeoman 0044(0)1443 834 925 Wales yes yes
2005 STORMWITCH Diana Curtis 0044 1379 668803 Suffolk, England yes yes
2005 ASTEREL Mrs Dean +44 (0) 1994 231 242 Carmarthenshire yes yes
UK's first Estrela Kennels
Marcia and
Camille Dovey
0044(1495) 200727 yes yes

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Update Owner of
Karabas Xingu Xhan Xeduc
Evelyn Spakman n/a Netherlands yes yes
AKAROA'S Linda Sjötun +46 (0)530 20505 Sweden yes yes
Estrela Berghonden
Vereniging Nederland
(in English and Nederlands)
Marion van Wely n/a Netherlands yes yes


Temperament can be a problem, lots of socialisation needed.
Otherwise no problems

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