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Cane Corso

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Orobos Tyr
Sire :- Carl    Dam :- Blue Lady
BREEDER :- Mr & Mrs Smith    OWNER :- Mr & Mrs Smith

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The Cane Corso is a muscular dog that is native to Sicily. This robust dog has great strength and working ability. Originally used to hunt large game and as a cattle-catching dog, the breed is known for its suitability for farm and family environments. The Cane Corso is highly trainable and must be able to get along with other dogs. Males are 25 to 28 inches at the shoulder and typically weigh 92 to 110 pounds. Females are slightly smaller. The coat is dense and should be harsh to the touch. Cane Corsos develop a dense undercoat when kept in cold weather. This breed is probably the only coursing mastiff left in the world, and is still used as a hunting dog, a guard dog and a cattle dog. A Corso should be submissive to its owner and gentle with children, but is not for the first time dog owner. This breed needs exercise, but will enjoy quiet times as well. He is easy to house-train and does not drool like many mastiff breeds. The skin should not be loose, and should not form wrinkles. The hair is short but not smooth, very thick and has a light undecoat.
Colours are black, light fawn with a black mask, slate, lead grey staf red and brindle. White is permitted on the chest, chin and front of toes

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Luna From Orobos below

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Show Information

This breed is NOT recognised by the Kennel Club

They may be shown only at exemption shows in the NON-PEDIGREE CLASSES.
The Cane Corso made it's debut in the UK at the 'Mastif seminar 1999

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still none


D. 25 - 27" (64-68cm)B. 23.5-25"(60-64cm)
Wt.90-110lbs B. 88-99lb
veryStrong yesNeed goods

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owner Viki Parnell 0044(0)7788605714 Kent yes n/a
n/a Kenny n/a London yes yes

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Cane Corso yes
Cane Corso
Vicky Chilovy New Smyma Beach, USA (904) 428 6255 yes yes
Cane Corso Italiano yes


All stock should be hip tested
eyes need watching for cherry eye & Entropia - eyelashes growing inside the eyelid.

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