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Mini-Smooth Haired Dachshund


Example of the breed given by Eastern Counties DA.
Extract from the Eastern Counties D.A. pages ----
"The origins of the Dachshund can be traced back to working dogs that could go to ground after game such as badgers. Today, the breed, which is characterised as "long, low and level", is popular both as a show dog and pet".------"Dachshunds are still used by some people for working; typically tracking fallen deer, and these are often called Teckels. They tend to be slighter in body and longer in the leg than "show" Dachshunds, but are highly regarded for their working ability and "good noses".-----Wires are the most extrovert and active " - -----"are the "rugged workmen", with harsh body hair, beards and eyebrows. Depending on the texture of the coat, which can range from "pin-wire" to "hairy", they may need to be hand-stripped (never clipped) two or three times a year." ---
Colours are Brindle and Red. Chocolate and Dapple also occur. Note that Brindle in Wires means the individual hairs are striped, giving an overall grizzle/grey appearance, as opposed to the tiger-stripe appearance found in Long-haired Brindles.
(Thanks to Ian Seath for this description)

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Lost the info on these three in my computer crash just after Crufts. Can you help Identify? Picture names "Delight", "Jolyon" and "Darisca Alexander"

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2004 Eastern Counties DA Ian Seath 01628 529936 yes yes
2002 Miniature Dachshund Club Mr J Boulger 01865 872596 no yes
2004 Dachshund Club Molly Owen 01745 331503 yes yes
2004 Scottish Dachshund Club Mr. Alistair Liddle 01450 860294 no yes


wt 4.5kg = 10 lbsModestGoodNoFairly EasyEasyyes

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CHADRAC Carol & Jon Hall 0044(0)1945 465419 Wisbech yes No
? Mrs E Blackburn 0044(0)1253 885506 Poulton Le Fylde No No
? Mr & Mrs Boulcott 0044(0)141 561 4410 Renfrew No No
D'ARISCA Lovaine Coxon 0044(0)1207 562120 Newcastle no yes
BEDU Liz Stephen 0044(0)1728 454859 Suffolk yes coming
RAJASHREE Mr A J Edwards 0044(0)1782 316012 Staffordshire yes none

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