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Miniature Long - Haired Dachshund

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Example of the breed given by Eastern Counties DA.

Extract from the Eastern Counties D.A. pages ----
"The origins of the Dachshund can be traced back to working dogs that could go to ground after game such as badgers. Today, the breed, which is characterised as "long, low and level", is popular both as a show dog and pet". ------ "Dachshunds are still used by some people for working; typically tracking fallen deer, and these are often called Teckels. They tend to be slighter in body and longer in the leg than "show" Dachshunds, but are highly regarded for their working ability and "good noses".----- "Long-haireds are the "glamour kids", with feathering on their ears and tails and long, silky body coats. These coats need regular grooming to keep them tidy and to avoid matting. "
Colours are Black & Tan, Red (ranging from Cream to Shaded Red) and Silver Dapple. Brindle (tiger-striped) also occurs.
(Thanks to Ian Seath for this description)

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it could be yours ! Devoncream Saunter
Sire:- Ch Kizzhar Kavalcade
Dam:- Devoncream Poppyseed
Breeder:- Mrs Lesley Brown
Owner:- Mrs Lesley Brown 
See Breeders list DEVONCREAM All broken images are
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it could be yours !

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This breed has Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at most Championship Shows.

UK & Irish Clubs

Update Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
2002 Eastern Counties D.A Ian Seath 01628 529936 yes yes
2002 Miniature Dachshund Club Mr J Boulger 01865 872596 no yes
2002 Ulster Dachshund Club Carolyn Roberts ? yes yes
2004 Scottish Dachshund Club Mr. Alistair Liddle 01450 860294 no yes


10 - 11 lbs. Quitereserved House betterNot easyDailyyes

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EVADANNE A& D Hazelby 0044(0)1635 826561 Thatcham yes No
? Mr & Mrs Scandell 0044(0)1202 603168 Broadstone No No
DERRIDOWN Mrs Hartwell 01203 303985 Coventry No No
AVONLEA Karen Humphries ? Craigavon, Ireland yes yes
DEVONCREAM Mrs Lesley Brown 0044(0)1404 861 433 Devon yes yes
ASLAN Mrs Denise Davies 0044(0)1745 585610 North Wales yes yes

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Because of their long backs, there is obviously a greater risk of slipped disk problems than in a "normal" shaped dog.
Mini-Longs should be tested for P.R.A. (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) which is an inherited condition causing degenerative disease of the retina and leading to blindness

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