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English Springer Spaniel

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Ardtalla Sweet Juniper
Sire :- Sh Ch Lochar Border Heritage     Dam :- Berkenbar Royal Destiny
BREEDER :- Dr B Scrogie.    OWNER :- Dr B Scrogie

A compact, medium sized, strong, active dog. This is the tallest and raciest of the British land spaniels. There is a marked difference between the 'Show' and 'Field Trial' type, the latter being too speedy for a house pet, they make wonderful gundogs. The tail is still docked. For the show the coat is close, weather resisting, straight with moderate feathering.
Colours are liver and white, black and white or either colour with tan markings.

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Canouan Up Pops Poppet 
Truly dual purpose having won
 an Open Working Test and a 
1st at a Champ Show.
Sire:-  Sh Ch Wardhill Whistling Miller, 
Dam:- Cliffhill Cinders
Owners/Breeders:- Kevan and Julia Grant
See Breeders list - Canouan
 Oscar and Jodie Calvdale Guilty as Charged Of Meadowdale
placed at Championship Shows &
RCC in 2000.

Sire: Sh Ch Wadeson Inspector Wexford
Dam: Sh Ch Calvdale Curtsey to the Moon.
Owner: Steve & Jane Eyeington
Breeder: Mr & Mrs Calvert
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UK & Irish Clubs

Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
English Springer Spaniel Club Mr A Emeney 01203 459436 yes yes
English Springer Spaniel
Club of Scotland
Mr Gibson 01292 263928 ? ?
English Springer Spaniel
Club of Wales
Mrs Bettinson 01443 832345 ? ?
South West English Springer Spaniel UK Mr M K Waite 01803 323508 yes no
Midland English Springer Spaniel Society Kay Woodward 01709 896663 no yes


About 51 cms=20"QuiteGoodYesFairly EasyDaily +
Show work

UK & Irish Breeders

AFFIX In Blue means pups available
Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
MORTONDAWN Mrs George 0044(0)1425 672566 Christchurch ? ?
ARDTALLA Dr B Scrogie 0044(0)141 8891441 Paisley No No
SHIPDEN Colin & Carolyn
0044(0)1263 761319 Norwich ? ?
CANOUAN Kevan & Julia Grant
Dual Purpose ESS
n/a Dorset UK yes yes
MEADOWDALE Steve & Jane Eyeington 0044(0)1376 552330 Essex, UK yes yes
WADESON Kay Woodward 0044(0)1709 896663 South Yorkshire yes yes
Ian Walshaw 0044(0)1757 289808 North Yorkshire yes yes
FENAYBROOK Pat & Jack Guy N/A Yorkshire yes yes
ARCADIA Lyn and Sarah Gregory N/A East Yorkshire yes yes
BORDACITY Shirley Watson N/A Cumbria yes yes
MITFORTON Louie Adshead 07831 315532 West Sussex yes no
None MR C Beel 0044(0)1652 633835 North Lincolnshire yes none

Stud dogs

Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
Longdean Bracken (AA2) Kim Cook 0044(0)1442 255937
01442 260900
07702 121 994
Herts yes no

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Affix Breeder Telephone Area Email Homepage
English Springer Spaniel
Field Trial Association
? ? yes ?


HD score is good at average 14 total (1999)
Only buy from ete tested parents
Pups should also be eye tested

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