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Red & White Setter

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Sheibhin Thado
Sire :- Sheibhin Cathal     Dam :- Rathbeg Toni
BREEDER :- Rev P Doherty. OWNER :- Mr & Mrs S Quinlan

Generally accepted as the ancestor of the Irish Red Setter, the Red & White was popular in Ireland before 1860. The breed was kept alive by breeders who knew it's superior working qualities, but only reappeared in the late 1970's. Not racy like the Red Setter and more compact in build, this is a fast biddable, intelligent setter. The coat is well feathered and fine in texture, of medium length without being profuse.
Colours are white with chestnut patches on the head and body. The patches are distinct and any flecking should be confined to the lower legs and foreface.

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Club Name Contact Phone number Homepage Email
Irish Red & White Setter Club
of Great Britain
Mrs S. Barry 01787 461339 yes yes
Irish Red & White Setter
Club of Scotland
Brian Pilmer 01578 722282 yes yes


no size statedverygoodyes?easyyes

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BELIAVANTI Mr & Mrs Wilsher 0044(0)1892 730679 Tonbridge ? ?
? Mrs Barry 0044(0)1787 461339 Halstead no no
owner of
Sheibhin Thado
Mr & Mrs S
Dublin 8341537 Ireland No No
WROXHAM Mrs. Eileen Walker 0044(0)1952 691347 Shropshire yes yes

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Affix or owner Contact Telephone Area Email Homepage
CORMALLEN Julia Bateman ? ? ? yes
Noble Savages (in German) Frau Isa Klasener 04952 67 13 Ostrauderfehn, Germany ? yes
EIREFYRE Heather Beasley ? Australia yes yes
Irish Red & White Setter
Mrs E.E.Walker n/a UK yes yes


HD risk is low at average 11 total
Eyes should be tested for Hereditary cataract - HC and Posterior Polar Cataract.
Some epilepsy lately.

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